Training Center
Training of security personnel has been mandatory in the law. Thus we have started a training programme at our own Training Centre viz. Ranchi Security Training Centre, Hehal, Ranchi. We impart a comprehensive and efficient training as per the syllabus given in the Law to all selected candidates. Our training involves both theoretical and practical aspects of modern day security needs. We believe in not just training the individual as per the standards but in reshaping and moldings his attitude altogether.

We have around 10000sft area of training facility with capacity to train 40-50 personnel in single batch. We have all the equipments according to the syllabus for security training. Till date we have trained more than 500 security personnel.

Our training caters to the following domains:

  • Physical Fitness Training
  • Fire Fighting
  • Crowd Control
  • Crisis and Disaster Management
  • Industrial Security Training
  • Special Squading
  • Technical Training--- on Nonprohibited Weapons, DG Sets,, High Tech Security Equipment (Bomb Detector, Metal Detector, Anti-mine Detector etc. Function of Camera etc.

Office setup
We have a large and well-established modern office set-up in Ranchi and sufficient manpower for effective management and administration.

we have maintained a number of vehicles for effective mobility and supervision.