Security Services

  • Industrial Security
  • Mining Security
  • Escorting Security
  • Institutional Security
  • Event management Security
  • Township Security
  • Detective Services
  • Retail Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Cellular Security

Industrial Security

To the protection of industrial installations, resources, utilities, materials, and classified information essential to protection from loss or damage.

Mining Security

Security, access control and accountability are fundamental in providing a safe and secure environment for employees, contractors and visitors at mine sites. The implementation of a functional security team assists in the maintenance of a safety culture, reduces expenditure due to theft, and controls access to ensure only authorized personnel enter.

Our company implements a controlled measure in relation to employee, contractor and visitor management, emergency evacuation accountability and to ensure that safety of the mining site.

RSP understands the requirements of the industry and will deliver professionally trained mine security guards to ensure your site is well-protected and that the safety and care of your valuable workforce is provided for Mine sites are often situated within regional locations covering vast amounts of land. This provides a number concerns in relation to asset management and pilfering .Therefore we provide site compliant patrol and high speed patrol vechicles to ensure proper supervision of the mining site.